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6-23-07.  Amanda (my 1st cousin once removed) and her boyfriend (Peter) of many years finally tied the knot this weekend.  It was a nice small wedding at my uncle's house in Berkeley.  I was happy to attend and tried to take as many pictures as I could.  They're off to China for 3 months or so.  Below are the 3 generations of women; Vera Mae, Amanda and Sari.

Amanda and Peter on the front steps.

More family.  L to R: DA (Amandas Grandfather) Peter (Amanda's Father), Amanda, Peter, John (Peter's Father), Sari (Amandas Mother).

Ah, that's what I like to see!  Be nice to each other!

Peter, Amanda and Molly (Amanda's sister - who will go through this herself fairly soon.)

Uncle Dave, his daughter Sari, and wife Vera-Mae.

And here's the 3 sisters.  It was hard enough getting them together in one place, even though I tried to point out it was a bad location.  I was ignored, as usual. Niomi, Sari and Reva.

A better pic but only 2 of the 3 sisters.

A nice picture of Ivey and Niomi.  

6-2-07.  Wildwood hosted Matthew and Jessica this weekend.  Their parents had won a trip to Mexico and they were off enjoying themselves while their kids experienced The Work Camp.  Jessica was pretty much attached to her guitar, practicing as much as she could with her new instrument.

The kids got to shoot the BB guns at water balloons.  Their favorite activity.  It helps that the BB rifle has a laser sight and they can pick those balloons off one after another.

5-26-07. A couple of projects here.  One, we had problems with the septic tank and I figured we had roots in the line again.  I was right.  We dug up the line, fixed it and buried the pipe again.  Not too big of a project.


The other project was in the front driveway.  We used to have redwood logs making a fence along the driveway, but they were rotting away, so we got more of out favorite bricks and extended the wall.

5-23-07. My Nephew Matthew Won 2nd Place in Hurdles in the Silicon Valley Finals. He came in 1st for the previous 4 or so track meets, and this was the finale. He was beat by the same guy who won last year (Matthew got 3rd last year).  The picture shows Matthew (in black and white) and the 3rd place (in yellow) going over the finish line.  

4-29-07.  Today I got some work done on the Pumphouse.  First time in a while, because we finally had some nice weather and I felt like I could deal with fixing stuff under the house.  The outside wall of the house has no real support, it is cantilevered on joists, but those joists are rotting away.  So I replaced some of the rotten boards and put new posts under that section. I had to lift the house up a bit to fit the posts under it. Now I feel better about fixing up that wall above with new windows.

Yesterday I worked on the Hot Tub.  It was so warm I almost filled it with water, but I've always wanted to get a real covering for it before adding water.  Well, I finally got some material for making a cover, and worked on that over the weekend.  It's almost done.  Now I need to figure out how to keep it free of bugs and mosquitoes. I should be able to get a pool kit somewhere. 

Lastly, just a few minutes ago, I felt like I was in a cartoon.  Years ago we sort of adopted a black cat from the neighborhood.  My mom feeds it every day (several times) and ultimately feeds most of the forest life as well, when she forgets to take the food back inside.  Birds, squirrels, the neighbors dog (yes, you Tina!)  I've seen 4 raccoons converge on the bowl one night.  But tonight the cat was meowing so the food went out.  She didn't eat anything.  A few minutes later I heard eating noises, and went to look through the window and saw the cat had 2 white streaks painted through it's fur!  No, it was just Pepe le Pew coming by for a little snack. The picture was taken through the window so it ain't the greatest.  First time we've seen skunk here at Wildwood.

4-21-07.  My 2nd cousin Nancy Gamble got married today to Jason Utley nearby in Felton today.  I have a few pictures from the day.  It was a pretty good day, saw lots of people, had a nice ceremony and reception afterward. It started raining about the time people started leaving. All in all a very pleasant day!

L to R:  Jessica (my niece - Dave's daughter), Dave (brother), Greg (brother-in-law), and Lauren (niece - Greg's daughter).

L to R:  Clif (dad), Judy (mom), Clif (brother), Tammy (sister), Lauren (Tammy and Greg's oldest daughter), and Greg.

L to R: Clif (brother and almost official photographer of the day) and his wife Bonnie, who was a bridesmaid to Nancy today.

Here's the bride Nancy and Bonnie.  Nancy's parents live across the street from my folks here at Wildwood.

Here's pics of the brides parents L to R: Kenneth, Jean, and Dan.

I mainly took the picture below because of the 4 people in the front row there.  The guys I hang out with once a week or so.   L to R: Matthew (nephew), Jessica, Suzy (Sister-in-law) and Dave.

And lastly a pic of the happy couple.  Not the best pic, but what I have.  Nancy and Jason.  

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