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Hot Tub & Deck Project

Lately we've been working on DA's Wood Fired Hot Tub. He bought it several years ago and it's been sitting in boxes ever since. I found a nice place for it in a grove of redwood and started bringing up supplies to build a deck in between the trees. The oldest pictures are at the bottom.

April 3, 2005 - It's taken a few weekends for us to get more done on the hot tub. Today Pa and I set the stove in, and bolted it in place (otherwise it would float when the hot tub is full of water). Then we constructed the fence and bolted that to the stove. Next came the benches, nailed to the side of the tub. The top wood cover needed some wood blocks nailed to the underside to keep them in place when they're put on. And we figure out what one assembled wood piece was for: a shelf! For drinks, books, rubber duckie, whatever. All we have left to do is install the chimney and it can be filled up with water and used!

The inside of the tub below.

Here's the wood fired stove, there's an aluminum cover for the whole stove area, but only half on here.

Here we've managed to stain & protect the deck with a solid color Navajo Red. That same day, even before the stain fully dried, we started setting up the hot tub. We had lots of advice from neighbors as we progressed. The "staves" (the vertical pieces) were difficult to place and required a number of attempts to get it right. We had to pound them in their groove with a rubber mallet, then tighten the metal clamps, pound, tighten, get the idea. It was like beating on a drum, you could hear the pounding echo through the forest.

Pa and I uncovered and moved the hot tub boxes down to the deck location and started unpacking the hot tub to see what we were dealing with. After 2 years of sitting outside, we found a few creepy crawlies in the boxes (a scorpion, centipedes, and a giant spider). We put everything on the deck and started assembling the tub, then decided we had to protect the deck with either paint or stain, so we then had to move everything off the deck. You can see how the staves connect to the bottom of the hot tub.

In between rainstorms, we've managed to get the deck all nailed together and ready to go. Looking good!

After another weekend and a load of wood, we've got the joists in place and are waiting on more 2x6's to lay the deck.

Here's the beginning stages, piers set in concrete, and we've scrounged the posts from various other projects, ready to be cut down to size.

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