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6-23-05. Haven't updated this in a month! Not much happening, just bringing more bricks almost every weekend. Here's a picture from June 12th or so. It's almost done. Then I skipped a week of bricks because there were no good ones left at Home Depot. I have enough pictures of this wall building project that it should probably become it's own boring page.

This picture below shows the final look, aside from maybe putting more plants in behind the wall. Looks like there should be gargoyles on either side...

Here's a picture of the deck painted. It matches the old paint, so nothing new there. The boards don't wobble and look as bad as they did, but the support beams underneath are 40+ years old and going to need replacing soon. Lots of termites in these.

Here's a picture of Sari & Peter's dog Tina. I couldn't get her to look at the camera. But she has a nice haircut.

5-22-05. And still more bricks. This is probably finished at this point. Now there's another project for more stones on the other side of the gravel path. We have to play around with various looks to see what we want. It's supposed to be a retaining wall...

5-15-05. We had another project working on the front and side deck. Over the years we've had to replace any number of rotting boards. this time we decided to paint the entire board before nailing them in place. See if they last any longer that way. The first picture shows a large section that was going. The supports under the deck were rotting as well as the boards and had to be fixed. Everything with white primer is new. We'll have another project day to paint the entire deck another weekend. Soon.

5-14-05. More bricks arrived, about 60 in the space of 3 days. Almost there!

5-1-05. I picked up another load of 20 bricks and we got this corner worked out. That's as far as the wall will go, just need to get more bricks and stack them up.

4-25-05. This weekend we got a new project going, somewhat small. The pic below is what our walkway looks like going out to the street and Sari's place. The ivy is held back by redwood log fence, built by Clif around 20 years ago. As with everything, this fence has rotted and the slightest touch can break these logs. So we decided to replace them with brick.

These bricks look suspiciously like the ones Sari has across the street. (Hope she doesn't count them often!) We worked all of one afternoon to level the bricks that you see here, and then ran out of bricks. This is yet another project that waits on materials to arrive to Wildwood. Somehow. In someone's truck. Every week.

And here's a pic of what we accomplished after we cleaned up all the tools. The plan is to go up another 2 layers of brick and then make a circle/corner going alongside the street for a few brick lengths. It drops off quite a lot out there at the end.

4-16-05. The weekend was so nice we got out and cleaned up around the house, replaced a few boards in the deck which were rotting away, and got a project going on cementing in some bricks on a step to the BBQ area. These bricks have been in the dirt for 40 years and every time I step on them they wobble. I've been wanting to cement them in place for several years and finally got the chance.

And here's the finished brick step. This project took about an hour and a half or so.

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