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Sari's Wall of Stone

The foundation of Sari's house was partially dug out of the hillside, so the result is that every time it rains, part of that hillside slides down into the yard. A wall would help prevent that and make the yard look "finished" as well.

Winter slowed the accumulation of stones. You can see a few more layers going on back to the front deck, and a few stones still needing a home. This shot taken 3/29/05.

Around the left side of the picture below, Sari wanted a few steps to get access to the garden area. We tried many ideas, but finally settled on something simple. Oh, there's a water pipe under there somewhere, watch out when you're digging.

Here's a shot with the front driveway area just about finished.

This shot shows the rest of the wall. The driveway is lower than the first layer, so we had to make new lower layers, level them, then cover them up a bit, make new layers to extend out further, etc.

This shot continues the one below, you can see how much further we have to go. Once we get the first layer level, the rest is easy, just placing the new stones on top.

First off, Sari, Peter and I dug away at the hillside to make enough room for the 8 inches or so the bricks would take up. Sari didn't want to lose any yard space to the wall, and there's also a drainage pipe under there and we didn't want it getting crushed. We got quite a lot of dirt from that project. Then we had to lay the bricks down and level them all the way across the hillside. It's somewhere around 100-120 feet long and each brick is only 1 foot long. They weigh 23 lbs. each, so my 1/4 ton pickup will hold about 20. 1 trip a week (if we're that lucky) from Home Depot 30 miles away makes this a long term project.

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