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11-15-08.  Beautiful day today, warm, sunny, great day to lay in the hammock and read a book.  Unfortunately I had a couple of projects handed to me.  The cable modem was going out at times during the week, and we figured there might be too much interference from the rest of the wires that hook up to all the rooms, so Pa and I put in a new connection as close to the beginning of the cable line as we could and wired it directly to the cable modem.  We had to go under the house and put the new wire in between the first and second floors and then pull it into Pa's workroom.  the connection seems rock solid now.  While under the house I resealed some areas I thought might be letting critters in the house, some of it was getting old and cracked.
 Ma also wanted to get a new screen door for the back door.  The existing aluminum one had broken in half along one side some time ago.  I remembered that Sari had bought a screen door for her new front door but never installed it, so I sent Ma and Pa over to negotiate with Sari.  The screen door was a perfect fit.

And viola!  It wasn't too hard to replace.  Thanks Sari!  Better than having it sit in storage forever.

11-8-08.  We finally joined the 21st century and got fast internet hooked up here, and wireless to boot!  It was a bit of a struggle to get it set up with Comcast (a 2 hour phone call- the *only* way we can get a fast internet connection.  No DSL, no satellite dish, just cable.) Then I put a wireless card in Ma's computer and wired Pa's directly.  Everything works great, download are at about 180kps. 

11-1-08.  Big storm headed in today.  We had lots of wind here Friday and the leaves from the redwood trees have just covered everything.  Saturday night the storm officially became a gullwasher, rain started coming down about .5 inches an hour, making the 3 day storm total about 4.25 inches in our rain gauges.  Pa had just cleaned the driveway, too.

10-19-08. Only excitement today was a large tree branch fell on the road Saturday night or Sunday morning.  Ma had to get some help to get the branch dragged off the road so she could get to church.  Here's a picture of it.  It left a lot of stuff on the road so I had to sweep it up.

And here's the oak tree it came from.  Most of the oaks around here are so old they're rotting and bits fall off all the time, like Dave Gamble's tree 2 years ago. I keep wondering when this one will go.  i don't think any houses are in danger, but it'll make a big boom.

I also got a coat of paint on the back of the Pumphouse, to cover all the fixes we made to put the windows in.  I just painted certain areas, and it's almost the right color, but another coat of paint will eventually cover this.

10-12-08.  Niomi and her friend from Anacortes, Janet, visited Wildwood for an overnight stay.  We didn't get any games in but they both got a tour of the new goings on at the Pumphouse.  I was invited to Uncle Dave and Aunt Vera Mae's 54th wedding anniversary in Berkeley, but declined to go.  Happy Anniversary though!

9-27-08.  Over the past year or 2 we've been collecting branches that had fallen from trees around the house. We finally had such a big pile we had to cut them up.

9-21-08.  Got the roof over the porch cleaned off and even scrubbed, thanks to an invention by Pa.

9-6-08.  Today was the yearly community "Work Party" where everyone in the 13 house community goes out and does tasks to help better the neighborhood.  As usual, some people don't show up.  One of the tasks was to clean the roads and gulleys to get ready for this winters rains, the other was to replace a water pipe going to our water pumping tank. 


We get water from the city up to a certain point, we then have to pump it from that point up the hill, about 200 feet in elevation, to 2 10,000 gallon holding tanks.  This pipe was put in 40+ years ago and a few years ago it broke, but no one noticed it until $2000 of water flowed out. Past time to replace.

This is the place the pipe becomes "our problem."

8-27-08. We had a water leak a few days ago up the hill from us, and while I wasn't very involved with it, I did take a few pictures.  We, as the community, have to repair these as they appear (though some of the "community" never shows up to put their fair share of work in.)  The tractor digs it out fast but creates a larger repair job.

8-26-08.  Not much news to report at Wildwood.  I'm still working on getting the cruise pictures ready for a DVD set for everyone who went on the trip.  I took the time to make a set of Greg's pictures into another 3D image.  The glacier turned out really well with this.

8-3-08.  One more day of fun!  Here's Jen rolling a giant ball down the hill.

Lauren, Jen and Matthew tried their hand at splitting logs.

Jen and Jess made a chocolate cake.  They got to lick the frosting bowl clean.

Tammy brought up a fun craft, painting wood boxes.

And that worked nicely until they started painting themselves with "tattoos."

Matthew getting tattoos from 2 girls.

Showing them all off.

Lauren and Jen had a fun twist on a game of hide-and-seek.  One person hides, the rest seek, and when a seeker finds the hider, they hide with them.  The last seeker to find them is the next hider.  It was played at night, outside, and we played 'till 11pm.  Everyone had a blast with this game.  We even had walkie-talkies to let the hider communicate their readiness to the seekers waiting inside the house.  People seemed to follow me around though.  Thought I had better finding skills or something?  This reminded me a lot of my younger days when we got groups of people together to play Kick the Can.

8-2-08. We had a picnic today with most of the family. Here's Matthew and Lauren helping with the setup.

The kids played around with zapping bugs (and themselves) and generally had a rambunctious time.

Here's Matthew and Lauren playing with fire and water, cleaning up after the BBQ.

Ivey making a face.

8-1-08. Today was Boardwalk day, and I have to say at the end of it that it was a pretty fun day for everyone.  4 of the 5 kids on the ride, Jen was the wild rider, her car is way up in the air while everyone else's was calm.

Waiting to get sick.

Not waiting any more...

Ah, a calm ride.


We went in the arcade for a bit.  All the games give tickets which you can redeem for prizes.  Jen played this game which drops a ball in a hole and gives X tickets based on which hole it goes in. She got the jackpot of 500 tickets...TWICE!  I got a video the second time, the ball in dropping into the yellow jackpot hole.

And 500 tickets later...  Jen was very generous with her tickets, got Jessica a large stuffed elephant to be a buddy with her stuffed cow, gave Ivey a bunch of leftover tickets.  Then she had the brilliant idea of redeeming some leftover tickets we weren't going to use into tokens, and got to play some more games for everybody.  She got some more huge ticket wins as well, probably over 2000 in all.  Way to go Jen!

7-31-08.Another relaxing day playing around with the kids.  We were waiting for the arrival of Ivey and started off with some archery practice.

There were puzzles to do...

And later Ivey arrived.  Yay!  Playing more games...

7-30-08.  It's here!  The start of Camp Wildwood.  Tammy brought 4 kids here on Tuesday, but I still had to work today, so I came to Wildwood after work and got to play with the kids for a bit.  Here's a couple pics from a hike we took.

Here's Matthew and Lauren climbing the slide area and creating avalances.

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