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10-31-06. Happy Halloween.  As usual, I went to Dave & Suzy's to walk around with the kids.  Matthew went to a party but Jessica had a friend over.  Jessica is a Griffindor.  Or was she supposed to be Hermione?  Same thing. Dave & Suzy had decorated their place up a treat!

Here's their pumpkins.

10-5-06.  A nice picture of some clouds.  I've been scanning too many of my brother Clif's slides.  He's taken hundreds of pictures of clouds for airbrushing. 

9-24-06.  Matthew and Jessica stayed at Wildwood one weekend while their parents Dave and Suzy went on a Disney Cruise by themselves for their 15th Wedding Anniversary. Jessica brought lots of important things.  Clothes?  Who needs them.  I think she likes the show Miami Ink, judging by her arm.

Here's Matthew filling water balloons to shoot with a BB gun.  Don't shoot your eye out!

Here's another of Jessica in the best seat in the house.  She's growing like a weed and won't be able to fit here much longer.

9-17-06. Here's an oak tree on our back driveway that our neighbor Stan cut down a few months ago.  (He does tree work for a living.)  Pa and I got busy and cut it up in a few afternoons. 

And the "after" picture.

9-3-06.  After the new posts were installed a few weeks ago, I added some X bracing along most of the posts. 

This is the tail end of another project at Uncle Dave's main house.  The old metal kitchen sink pipes were leaking and instead of repairing, a whole new pipe was put in and redirected.  We had to cut through a large tree trunk/root system at the bottom of the picture.

One other project this weekend was a road work party.  We had 5 tons of asphalt trucked in and had about half of the community came out to help to spread it on the road, filling in potholes.  Most of it went on the road up the hill a ways.

Also got a glimpse of a neat insect we have here at Wildwood, about 3 inches long.  These things (or something very much like it) glow in the dark under an ultraviolet light just like the scorpions do.

7-9-06.  It felt so good to get the deck project done (below) that last weekend I got started fixing DA's Main House posts.  I got 3 fixed the previous (July 4th) weekend and more done this weekend.  I bought some cement and poured new piers for missing posts.  The old tree trunk posts you see in the picture below are rotting because they're just in the dirt. The new piers worked out well, but they need to cure till next weekend before I put posts on them.

Here's the "before" picture on the other side, to the left of these piers.  This is of the rotting beams underneath the front door.  The front door does not close and has an angled gap at the top.  Wonder why?

And here's the "after" picture.  "After" 6 hours or so of work, a house jack, and lots and lots of dirt, spiderwebs and rotten wood.  It's pulled back just a little from the "before" picture.  Added some piers and posts above and beyond what was there originally.

And here's a picture of the wood I took out from under the house.  A lot of the tree trunks were originally used as bracing, but so many posts had rotted, they weren't bracing anything any more. New bracing still needs to get installed (maybe next weekend.)

Now lo and behold!  The front door shuts!  Wow!  I raised the house about 3 whole inches on that corner.  (Which is fun, using the house jack, because every slight turn, the house creaks and groans, pops, crackles, and snaps, stuff falls down, spiders come out to see the show, and I keep thinking about all those scorpions that like cool dark places like, like under the house...)

6-30-06.  I hear rumors that Niomi and Ivey are coming for another visit, this time for a week or so in August. So it's time to get going on some projects!  I bought a decent set of battery tools; sawzall, drill, circular saw, etc. and have been doing some work on the Pumphouse and Uncle Dave's main house. 

Uncle Dave (or D.A. as he's more commonly called) tore out a small deck a few years ago to get access to some pipes, and also because the deck was in bad shape.  Then he had his medical problems and never got around to replacing the deck around the back of the main house.  I sold some of his items on Ebay a few weeks ago and got some quick cash to purchase some wood to replace the deck.  I used my new tools (and some old ones) to fix this up, and then to cut down a lot of the redwood brush that surrounds redwood trees.  Still have to get rid of some bricks at the side of the house.  And that door doesn't close (the entire post the door hinges on is rotten at the bottom and falling into the room).  This project took a day.  And the pipe that was under this deck has been extended so it is now accessible without having to undo anything. The new deck starts at the bottom of the stairs, just in case you were wondering.

5-14-06. Mothers Day.  A day for relaxing, because any projects that get worked on means Ma will want to help out.  And it was too warm to do much outside. Picked up some chinese take out in Felton (45 minute round trip) for dinner.

5-13-06.  A day for chores.  Pa and I installed a new exhaust fan in the upstairs bathroom.  We had to rewire the light & the lightswitch, take out the old fan, cut a new hole for the new (larger) fan, and then clean up, fix the holes in the ceiling you could still see.  

Next we cut up a bunch of wood from old projects that had been lying around for years.  I used my favorite tool, the sawzall. 

5-12-06. When I got to Wildwood Friday afternoon, I saw Pa had been working on clearing a space just below the horseshoe pit, taking out the scrub oak and poison oak.  There was a medium sized stump from a grouping of scrub oak which I dug up, using the pickaxe and shovel.

Now that the weather's turned nice and the rain soaked ground has dried, it's time to make a list of projects.  Most of the projects I have on the list are at neighbor houses.  Such as the nice beam in the picture below of the underside of Dave & Vera Mae's main house.  Their front door doesn't shut anymore because this is rotting away.  Needs to be raised up and a new beam or post installed.

And I just got done installing new posts on the Pumphouse a few months ago.  We've been trying to raise that corner of the house up a few more inches.  It still has a few inches to go so we can level the posts that were twisted in the '89 Loma Prieta earthquake.

And here's a shot of Kenneth & Jean's place across from our driveway.  The deck is old and rotting.  What fun!  A few weekends ago I spent half a day helping Kenneth (age 82) level the posts still standing on the other side of this (the intact side.)

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