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3-23-07.  We all have been busy cleaning up the place the past few months.  I've wanted to do this project for a while now:  clearing some of the little redwood trees that sprout up from the tree roots.  Before pic.

And after.

3-18-07.  The weather has been pretty good the past few weeks.  I took this picture from near the top of Hwy 9 on my way to the big W.  The sun is almost all behind the mountain.

The next day was clear and bright.  I sat outside to read a book, and was very happy to be where I was. This was my view when I looked up from my book.

3-07-07.  The Pumhouse link has been updated with a few new pictures.  Also this weekend I went to Sacramento to Visit Tammy, Greg, Lauren, and Jen.  Greg got a good deal on a new laptop for me and I went there to pick it up.  I also to see people and play with some kids.  It was a fun trip.  I stayed over Friday night, and left on Saturday afternoon.  On the way back I saw more relatives, some visiting all the way from Anacortes!  I think during the week I counted 19 relatives that I saw.  No more than 4 at a time though.

These kids are too similar. I got them mixed up several times.

2-4-07.  So, big screen TV prices have been falling fast and far enough that I seriously thought about buying one.  The regular 36" TV at Wildwood was getting darker and darker.  It was almost 20 years old.  Actually it's been a pretty good TV. I looked on a few websites and found the same 50" TV Clif bought 11 months ago for about $3500, but it was for $1999.  And if you order on the web, you save an extra $150 on top of that.  So I tried getting it on Friday, but my credit card company denied the charge.  I got an automated call from the credit card company about 20 seconds after trying to order it.  They wanted to make sure no one was trying to make an unauthorized purchase.  But even after talking to someone I couldn't get the purchase to go through.  So no TV on Friday.  

I got to Wildwood and called the credit card Co. again, and finally got the TV bought, to be picked up at the store on Saturday.  Everything went well until I tried to get it into the truck.  My camper shell was about 6 inches too low to slide the TV into the pickup bed.  So I spent about 30 minutes taking the bolts out of one side of the shell and was able to get the TV in.  After that I tied the camper shell down.  Made it to the big W ok.

I got the truck back together then set up the TV with some help from Ma and Pa.  It was big.

And here's the final resting place of the new TV.  It gets some nice new channels, with some of them even in HD!

1-22-07.  After a week of being without a phone line, I can finally make an update.   Pa and I spent Saturday cleaning up the corporation yard yet again.  We got a lot of wood cut up.  Just 1 pile of wood left to cut, but the chainsaw broke. We got 2 truck loads of wood cut and cleaned up last weekend and were left with this:

We ran out of room on our woodpile so we had to leave the new wood that we cut up off in the corner by the trees. Here's what it looks like now.

On Sunday I finished up the railing project on the hot tub deck.  Well, I do have 1 more thing to do, so it's almost done, but it's just a decorative piece I need to cut and add. I did have to buy some wood (2x6's)and screws for this project, but it only totaled about $20.  Here's a couple of views:

1-7-07.  On and off over the past couple of weeks I've been working on the railing of the hot tub deck.  Don't know if the hot tub will ever be used, but I'm trying to finish the project.  I have the frame and the top part finished.  Today just before it got dark, I cut a bunch of slats out of wood from an old bookshelf that used to be in the Pump House (recycling is good.)  Just need to cut about 20 more slats, attach them all, and put a top on it.  I do have vague plans to make a bench or two along the sides (top and bottom of this pic.) All the wood so far has been recycled from other projects.

Also this weekend, Pa and I have been cleaning up the Corporation Yard (below our house a ways.)  The Yard has been a dumping ground of wood and other items awaiting their own recycling.  It's mostly going to be recycled into firewood.  Pa and I got 2 pickup truck loads stacked into our woodpile, and about 4 or 5 more to go.  Most of it still needs to be cut up and is hiding underneath the tarps.

Here's another picture of our ever expanding woodpile before we've unloaded the 2nd truckload of wood.

1-6-07.  Got some Chinese takeout for dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday early.  And an Angel food cake.  Yum! 

12-28-06.  Drove to Berkeley to visit with Niomi and Ivey.  Saw DA and Vera-Mae, and Sari and Peter.  Got lunch and dinner bought for me (Thanks Niomi, and Sari and Peter!) Here's Ivey and that canine companion Zip! The "twins."


12-27-06. We had an enormous storm last night, only about 1.5 inches of rain, but wind gusts up to 40 MPH made it scary going outside.  Branches were breaking from the trees all around us.  Ma's car port cover got blown against the house about 9:20 AM.  Pa moved the car so we could move the cover back (that thing is pretty heavy, going up a hill and all.) As we were still putting the cover in place about 5 large redwood branches fell around us (from the trees on the other side of the car there), one heavy one right on top of the car cover.  If we'd left this project for another half hour, Ma's car would've been smashed up.  As it was, the tree limbs almost got us.  We were right under them just minutes before, and the one landed on top of the cover just 3 feet to the side of me, but didn't poke through at all.  

We got the cover back in place (the legs were all bent up), and put new longer anchors into the ground, and undid the velcro straps that made it fly like a kite.  This picture shows a bit of wind doing it's thing.  We were without power from about 1AM to about 5 PM.  Pa and I went to get more gasoline in our portable containers for the generator about 4PM (every other person at the gas station had those nice red containers as well).  On the way out we saw a redwood tree that had snapped about 30 feet up and crushed a car and made a mess of a roof.  No pic of it, but very scary stuff.  Sure is fun at Wildwood!

12-25-06.  Merry Christmas!  Here's the tree after Santa came.  It was a good haul.  I didn't get too many other pics, but Ma, Pa, and I went to xmas dinner at Dave and Suzy's place down in San Jose.

12-23-06.  I was out walking through the woods today, a few hundred yards behind the house when I stumbled on a fairy ring!  Mushrooms bloomed in a circle here.  Almost 2 full circles, in fact.  Pa and I were able to split up the rest of the wood today, including the tree we cut up from Sari and Peter's front yard.  There were a lot of termites in that wood.

12-16-06. Once again I get to Wildwood only to hear another tree story.  This time there's 2! One large tree at the water tank (no picture yet, sorry), and 1 mid-size Madrone tree in Sari and Peter's front yard. Pa and I cut up that tree Saturday morning in about 2 hours.  Sari and Peter didn't even get to see it, since they were away at their other place.  Molly may have been at the house when it came down, but if she told a story about it, there's no proof. We cleaned it up pretty well, except for some sawdust remains. ;-)

Here's the tree hung up in 2 other trees.  It totally missed the house and everything else.  Even the gnomes in the garden. You can see it broke off halfway up the trunk.  Termites again.  A woodpecker's been after the tree as well, lots of inch wide holes pecked in the trunk.

Missed the house.  Missed the pots. Missed the gnomes.

Here's another shot of it hung up on the trees.

And this one looking down the length shows even more how it's hung up in the trees

After we cut up as much as we could, there was still a small section high in the tree.  Pa and I tied a rope around it and finally got it to the ground.  

Later we had guests show up for an early Christmas get together.  From L to R: Bonnie, Clif, Tammy, Lauren, Ma, Jen, Pa.  Whad'ja get, guys?

12-9-06.  Merry Christmas!  Well, it's early yet.  We got a tree, got all the decorations out of the attic and started getting ready for the holidays.  It was raining when Pa and I got the tree from the Boulder Creek Fire Dept.  It was windy and raining when we put up the outside lights.  The tree stand has a leak.  But we got it done.  Here's the tree.

12-8.06.  When I got to Wildwood this weekend I heard all about "The Tree."  Wednesday about midnight people heard a great crashing noise and the house shook.  The next day it was found that a large oak tree fell at the end of Cherrywood Road. It had rotted enough so it finally came crashing down. There's 2 more trees just as big right next to it, so they're next.  No real damage to anything.  Missed 2 houses, a truck, and a deck, but did break a few branches on some small fruit trees.  

Dave Gamble (on whose land it fell) has already begun to cut it up.  The road ends at about the point where the tree came down, so it's not affecting traffic at all.  Looks like more splitting work coming up.

The picture below is of the inner part of the trunk that's still upright.  Termites have eaten a hole about 6 feet down inside.

12-3-06.  Pa and I got a bit more done on some splitting of the wood we cut up in Sept (below). Here's a picture of the hydraulic splitter and what's left. That chair is for the person operating the "Up, Down" lever.  That's tough work!

11-25-06. Tammy and her kids Lauren and Jen arrived from Sacramento the next day and got to visit for a few days.  Memorable moments:  shoveling sand, and cleaning Tammy's car after finding out a raccoon got in through the sun roof and drank the chocolate milk left in there by Jen. Chocolate footprints everywhere!  Tam and Lauren in the picture. Jen had to go help Grandma with the puzzle.

See?  Here's the puzzlers.  

11-23-06.  Happy Thanksgiving. Here's a picture of Clif and Bonnie setting the table.  9 people made it and Clif almost got Matthew to laugh while taking a drink.  Better luck next time.

And the obligatory group family shot.  From L to R, Back to Front:  Matthew, Suzy, Ma, Dave, Pa, TJ, Jessica, Clif, Bonnie.

11-19-06.  Another leak in the pipes at Wildwood has been found.  This one was a big one, losing lots of water.  Thankfully I didn't have to do much digging on this but I had to go the 7 miles to town to pick up pipe parts.  Twice.


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