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Visit from Niomi and Ivey 4/9-10/05

Niomi and Ivey made it to Wildwood (and home in Berkeley) this past weekend, visited with folks and hopefully had a good time. While in Berkeley, there was some spring cleaning going on, and Ivey found this dress. It was a good fit, so she has now inherited it from whoever used to own it.

Since it was less than a month until Ivey's birthday, and Niomi's birthday was less than a month ago, we combined the two and had a party at Sari's. From left to right, Tina (the doggie), Niomi, Vera Mae, Dave, Sari.

Ivey enjoying some of her birthday cake and ice cream, after opening some gifts (and now wearing some of the gifts).

Sunday we all went on a picnic to the Henry Cowell Park in Felton and saw the big trees.

A fire had gone through this forest about 100 years ago and made some interesting tree formations. L-R: TJ, Peter, Niomi, Ivey, Sari.

It wasn't a long walk but we took advantage of the benches along the path to rest and take a photo or 3.

Here's a big tree.

This picture below is inside a tree which was burned out in the middle several hundred years ago. The left inset picture is of the tree entrance, you can see Peter's leg in there. The middle is a view looking straight up inside the tree (it goes up about 20 feet or so), and the right shows a window that was carved out 100 or so years ago, but the tree grew over it so it's not really a window anymore.

And here we are outside the tree.

A candleabra tree, which is very unusual in a redwood. They don't usually branch out like this.

And one last shot before they go: Ivey trying to cheat at Uno. ;-)

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