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Camp Wildwood 2006

This has been somewhat of a tradition over the years.  As kids my family always used to spend the last 2 weeks of August, before school started, at Wildwood. It was always fun because there were usually relatives around and lots of fun things to do.  When the nieces and nephews came along, they started being able to spend a week at Wildwood during the summer.  This year we organized a get together with lots of sports and people.

Here's a picture of Jen and Lauren on day 1, playing badminton (with the net lowered way down.)

I bought some stuff to set up a miniature golf course, with a couple of $2 4 irons and a good deal on ladies golf balls (hey, they were all different colors, just like real miniature golf.)  The kids helped place holes (made from tuna cans) and named them and we printed up a scorecard.  Only made it to 8 holes of golf.  Here Jen is trying a new type of swing.

Lauren made a hole in one on this hole - "Rebound off the tree trunk, nothing but Tuna can!"

A long par 4, across the gravel road, and through the windmill.  This was a hard course!

Off to another kid fav:  Shooting water balloons with the BB gun.  It helps that there's an excellent laser sight.

On the weekend we invited more of the gang for a BBQ.  Dave and Suzy brought one child apiece on their motorcycles up Highway 9.

When the cousins get together, they tend to pair up olders vs. youngers.  Here's Jessica and Jennifer, about 10 minutes before a yellowjacket stung poor Jessica.  There's a nest about 4 feet to her right.

And here's the other pair, Lauren and Matthew playing golf.

A few days later Niomi and Ivey visited Wildwood and got to join the festivities.  Here's Lauren, Ivey and Jen a few minutes before we all head to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for a day of fun and rides.

We're in the parking lot, meeting up with Suzy and her kids.  The crew from L to R: Niomi, Sari, Suzy, Tammy, Ma, Ivey, Pa, Jessica, Jen, Matthew, and Lauren.

I went on this once with Ivey.  Not again.  Too dizzy.

They went on this 2 or 3 times in a row.

Same with this one.  I managed to get their attention to smile and wave to the camera.

Here they are in line for the ride again!

(Some of) the adults had more sense and even sat out the merry-go-round.

Here's some moms enjoying life as a bopping magnet and renaming all the rides on how you feel after you get off it.

Ivey with Cap. Jack after the crew mutinied and went home.

Another day of work at Camp Wildwood.  Niomi is painting her soon to be bedroom in the pumphouse.  She got a lot (quite a lot!) of help from her sister.

And she got some help from her dog, Zippy!  She didn't seem to mind the paint fumes, but she kept getting paint on herself.

Ivey sensibly tried to stay away from the work and relaxed.  Here she is in Sari's garden.


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