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The wedding was held at the Grooms parent's house in Brookdale. Niomi and I arrived about an hour early and so we wandered around and met with Sari, Peter, Amanda and Ivey.  A number of small houses dotted the landscape here.  This is the buffet area. I'm told this used to be a stagecoach station in the early 1900's, and a train ran through the dining area on the other side.  There's rooms for guests set up in the 2nd story, still arranged as they were 100 years ago.

I felt like I was in a Corner Gas episode.  The ceremony was held at the neighbors house, they kindly lent it out for the day.

Another shot of the ceremony location.

Ma and Pa made it.

Ivey and Niomi in the dining area under the redwoods.

Peter getting ready for a big walk.

Amanda here did her part as well.

Sari and Amanda.

Niomi stopped to play chicken.

Ivey handed out programs for the day.

And the actual ceremony.  Quite well done, simple but elegent.

The exchange of rings.

And now it's time to party!

Which one is the cake?

Niomi holding Ivey's bouquet

It was a long wait for dinner.  Lots of socializing going on.

Molly wondering where her groom went.

More socializing.

Ivey and Zephyr (Peters Nephew?)

And a shot of the wedding party getting in some photos.  All-in all, a good day.  Dancing started up with an irish folk band, which was pretty good, and the cake didn't get cut by the time we left.

Here's an mp4 video of some of the vows.  You'll need quicktime loaded.

And here's another video showing the dancing and some of the music.

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